Visiting The Spice Lab

The brutal winter of 2014 has finally given way to spring and warmer temperatures. So now it’s time to start thinking about spending time in your outdoor living area. 

1008-2000smWith outdoor living there are, of course, outdoor foods and we’ve checked in with The Spice Lab to see why their products should be on your radar.

Brett Cramer of The Spice Lab shared with us the formula of their success.

Q. How did you get started in the spice trade?

It all started as a gift idea. In a previous business we were looking for gifts to share with clients and just got tired with all of the same old offerings that are available. So I went to my shop and created the original of what you see in the photo above. I used glass test tubes, stopper corks and filled them with some high end spices that I bought online. Everyone loved them and of course someone suggested that this would be a great item to sell and the rest as they say is history.

Q. What can you tell us about the company?
The company is a little over four years old, we employ about 35 people and we’re on track to do about $4 million in sales this year.  We’re entirely built on customer demand and I look forward to our continued growth and we’re about to release some of our products for sale in your local grocery.

Q. How many different products do you offer?

We currently have more than 250 different salts that we import from over 30 different countries, about a dozen infused sugars. Along with some assorted spices, accessories and other items we have about 400 products available for purchase online.

Q. What’s next for the Spice Lab?

I’m very excited about our future. We’re about to release a line of BBQ rubs and you should start looking for us soon at your local grocery.

Q. What would you consider the key to your success?

That’s easy… it’s two things, Honesty, honesty leads the pack. Be honest with yourself and your customers and you’ll do great.
Also, If we don’t like it, We don’t sell it!

Visit The Spice Lab, they have some really interesting flavors for your palette. Can you say candied bacon???? 😀


About the Author:

Greg Smith is the Marketing Manager for Structureworks Fabrication in Fredericksburg, VA. Over the past 20 years, Greg has provided marketing advice to more than 1000 businesses. At 6'8", he's kinda like the André The Giant of marketing.