Take a BBQ Bath with Sweetwater Spice Co.

Few things bring a bigger smile to my face than the thought of a great big barbecue and when I’m thinking outdoor living, grilling up some tasty treats is at the top of my list.

If you’re looking to whip up some yummy barbecue in a short amount of time then allow me to suggest some of the brines from Sweetwater Spice Company. You can even save 25% on your online order until June 1st using the code: Backyard America

While I’m not normally one to use a brine, these ready made brine concentrates are excellent at saving time and pleasing the crowd with some flavorful barbecue, no additional sauce needed.

ScottSapireI recently spoke with Scott Sapire about his start as an entrepreneur and he shared some insights on his company and business in general.

Q. With all the sauces and rubs on the market, how did you ever get started with brines?

It all really started with Thanksgiving and Cranberry Margaritas. We were really having a good time and, well I burned the turkey, seriously over cooked it. Just before I made the call to order chinese food for everyone I decided to cut into the turkey… and it was perfect inside. Moist, juicy and tender, I knew then it was the brine that had saved me.

Shortly after that I posted the brine recipe on a Texas football fan forum as we were all talking about the tailgating we were going to be doing before the game. After we won the game I logged in to chat about the game and found 50 – 60 people messaging about the brine recipe and telling me I should bottle it.

From that moment I knew I need to make something happen and needed to find some investors. I didn’t need to look to far. I was using my  brine to cook brisket for a friends bachelor party. Before the night was over I had my first investor and Sweetwater Spice Company was born.

Smoked_HabaneroQ. So why brines and not a sauce or rub?

Basically, it’s a better mouse trap.
While a sauce or a rub ads flavor on top, it does nothing for the meat. Brining actually adds moisture to the meat before cooking so it’s juicier when it’s done cooking, and with the ingredients we use we’re adding a bunch of flavor into the meat as well.

Q.  You’ve currently got 9 products. What’s Next?

Well I can’t tell you much, but we have a Chocolate and Jalokia pepper bath that should be out in June and it’s good!

Q. Do you have any words of wisdom for other entrepreneurs?

Actually yes, there are two things….

#1 – Grow Slowly.
Cash is king and moving too fast can have adverse consequences. Let the company grow organically and don’t push, when the time is right the natural growth of the company will happen.

#2 – Choose to be happy.
In being an entrepreneur there are many things that can cause you to worry and bring your spirits down. So on a daily basis you need to choose to be happy, focus on the good things, as letting the other things take over can defeat you before you even get started.

Thanks to Scott for taking the time to talk with us and for the free samples that we’ll be sending out to some of our lucky readers. Watch your mail box in the next couple of weeks, you never know what might be waiting inside of it!

Again if you’d like to order from Sweetwater Spice Company, Scott has given us a 25% discount code to use with your orders. Use the code: Backyard America when ordering.


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