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Fiberglass Pergolas: Williamsburg Pergola





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Up to 160 MPH exposure C


Limited Lifetime Residential

30 Year Commercial


Maintenance Required

Low maintenance

Custom Sizes Available



Painted Finish Available


ColorLast with 20 year warranty

The Williamsburg Fiberglass pergola is the strongest pergola kit on the market, it will provide you a lifetime of enjoyment.

The Williamsburg is similar to our Potomac vinyl pergola. It has a double 2" x 8" beam. The rafters are also 2" x 8" and spaced approximately 24" on center. The stringers are a generous 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" and are spaced approximately 12" on center. This is also a highly customizable pergola.


The Williamsburg Fiberglass Pergola allows you to match your house trim color exactly, or any other color you wish. Now you can have the look and adaptability of wood without all of the maintenance.  Fiberglass does not absorb moisture, so paint will adhere much longer.  With

our high quality factory ColorLast™ Painting Process, your paint should last many years before repainting is needed.


The strongest pergola kit on the market, it will provide you a lifetime of enjoyment. Another major advantage of fiberglass is its incredible strength. Without metal or wood inserts, you can have a freestanding pergola with an overall size of 26' x 26' with just four columns!  No other kit offers this kind of design freedom.


Do you live in an area that experiences high wind and/or significant snow fall? If so,check out our Williamsburg  pergola kit. It is designed to meet 160 mph exposure C winds. Independent professional engineer data package is now available. CLICK HERE for details.


Comparing materials? See the other pergola kits we offer, or Click here to view our material comparison chart.

Customize and




Attached Williamsburg Pergola


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Freestanding Williamsburg Pergola

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» Available freestanding or attached

» Easy DIY installation with provided instructions, or hire a contractor

» Low maintenance, just clean occasionally

» Spans up to 22' without column support

» Available painted with ColorLast paint

» Limited lifetime warranty

» Engineered to meet 160MPH exposure C wind requirements

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ColorLast Finishing Process

Design freedom like never before. Backyard America fiberglass pergolas are available with the exclusive ColorLast finishing process, allowing you to coordinate your pergola with your decking and railing or even your house trim.


» All pergola components can be finished traditionally in a single  color, or multiple colors for a more dynamic look

» Custom-paint tinting to match any color desired

» Superior performance under extreme temperatures

» Highly resistant to scratching and chipping

» 20-Year Limited Warranty which covers cracking, peeling and blistering













Twelve standard paint colors, custom paint tinting available as well

Typically you can install your pergola in a day or less and start using it that evening!


What is included in the pergola kit, what else do I need to supply?

Backyard America Pergola kits include just about all of the materials needed to assemble your pergola. Typically, you will need to supply anchoring adhesive to secure your columns to a concrete surface or pressure treated blocking and wood screws to secure your columns to deck framing. For pergolas attaching to a building wall, you will need to supply the appropriate hardware to secure the ledger to the building wall. An average kit will need less than $50 in additional materials, all of which should be available at a local home center.


How difficult is the installation?

Whether you are an experienced pro or a weekend warrior, all Backyard America Pergola kits are designed for easy installation and come with illustrated instructions and unlimited free technical support over the phone. No advanced tools or skills are needed to install any of our standard pergola kits.


How long does it take to install a typical pergola kit?

With two people, installation of the pergola kit itself will typically take a professional contractor a day or less, do-it-yourselfers should plan on a one to two day installation. This is for an average size kit and does not include time to dig and pour footings or attach to deck framing.


What tools do I need to install the pergola?

The most commonly needed tools are listed below. A list of the exact tools needed for your pergola kit is included with the instructions.

» 4' Level

» Measuring Tape

» Framing Square/Speed Square

» 8' High Step Ladder (Two are recommended)

» Hacksaw or Bolt Cutters

» Socket Wrench with 9/16" Socket and 3/4" Deep Socket

» Adjustable Wrench


What if I have questions during the installation, can you help me?

Absolutely! We offer unlimited free technical support through our toll free phone number by experienced professionals.


How do I attach a pergola to my house wall?

Attached pergolas typically include a ledger. The ledger will secure to your house wall using appropriate hardware for your wall type. The rafters of the pergola will attach to the ledger. Our estimators can provide attachment details and hardware recommendations.


How do I attach a pergola to my deck?

Our exclusive TensionRod Mounting System can be easily attached to deck framing with the addition of our universal deck framing mount adapter kit. This allows you to locate the columns for your pergola virtually anywhere on your deck while also ensuring your pergola will withstand all of the conditions nature can throw its way.


How do I attach a pergola to my concrete or paver patio?

» Our exclusive TensionRod Mounting System can be easily attached to a concrete patio or concrete footing by drilling a 5/8" hole and using anchoring adhesive to secure the supplied threaded rod.

» For paver patios, you will need to remove an area of your pavers, install a concrete footing to the top of the pavers, then reinstall the pavers around the new footing. This will give you a secure surface to attach to. The base trim supplied with our columns will then cover up the concrete footing and cut edges of the pavers to ensure a finished appearance.


Does the pergola kit come with instructions?

Yes. All Backyard America Pergola kits come with illustrated instructions that take you through the installation process step-by-step. Component and connection details are included so that you know what every part is called and how to put everything together. For custom structures, we supply detailed shop drawings that include column layout, component placement, and attachment details.


How many people are needed to install a pergola kit?

We recommend two people for a standard size pergola and three people for large or more complex custom pergola kits.

» Impact Driver with Phillips Bit

» Drill

» 5/8" x 8" Masonry Drill Bit

» Circular Saw with Fine Tooth Blade

» Shop Vacuum

» Caulk Gun